I’m a believer in extreme consolidation. After witnessing the challenges of organizations running a myriad of systems and trying vainly to patch, fix, or manage them, I’ve come to realization that we need to consolidate things to an extreme level. The benefits of this are astounding: an ability to hone it an focus on the application to make it perform better AND to secure it at the same time.

The principle of consolidation means to simplify things to help the business focus, save costs, and optimize workflow.

Web Application Platforms

Standardize your web application layer platforms from multiple platforms running different web servers to one or a few. You’re running IIS, Apache, Nginx, G-WAN, Lighttpd etc. – select one.

Operating Systems

Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS: consolidate to one. Why do you need both?

Examples Below:

If you see something that is complicated then there could be (within reason) an opportunity to consolidate things.


1. Firewall Rule Consolidation

We can consolidate the firewall rules that are spread across our environment into a set of firewalls that make it easier to manage.

2. Unified Security Policy

We can consolidate two independent platform host based policies (Windows and Linux) into a single security policy pushed out by VMware NX or whatever open stack platform you use.

3. Unified Service Publishing Platform

We can consolidate our services to be advertised by a much smaller number of services behind more robust sets of technologies.