Estonia is a cutting edge country in terms of its infrastructure, on account of its relative youth. It has built up its  infrastructure to be heavily reliant on the Internet.

Digital Embassies

They are used by Estonia to store data, possible highly personal information about their citizens, in other countries, but with the enforcement of Estonian law. Imagine a real world Embassy now residing in a digital world.

Estonia got attacked by Russia and its Internet went down. Since they they’re thinking of different ways to have greater levels of resiliency. Having Digital Embassies hosted in different parts of the world is one way of this.

What Can Other Countries Learn – State Embassies

Estonia are ahead of many countries when it comes to taking their entire country on a digital journey. This is something that other countries should start to think about. At minimum in Australia, we should have State Embassies.

State Embassies are repositories of citizen data hosted in other states should one state come under attack.