An Overview of Cyber Attack Types

A Title 10 Payload means that a Cyber Offensive is initiated for a destructive purpose

A Title 50 Payload means that a Cyber Manoeuvre is initiated for espionage

Most of the time the nation states with the capability, such as China, Iran, USA, UK, and will be ‘launching’ Title 50 Payloads.



It can be difficult to workout who did the attack: an attacker won’t use infrastructure easily attributable to his/herself. An attacker will wipe any trace. The defender will need to engage in forensics.

Though the NSA says it can work out attribution to a high degree. They possibly have done this in the past and reported it to the FBI. The FBI put out public charges for Chinese hackers. The idea could’ve been to ‘scare’ the Chinese hackers by publicly naming/shaming them.

I doubt they do so in all cases as it takes a lot of effort (and there are too many attacks). I suspect these attacks reached a threshold


DoD Directive 5100.77 is exactly that, about Law of War, and states which departments in the US government need to adhere to it

U.S. Code: Title 50 – WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE, deals with laws following:

  • Espionage
  • Alien Enemies
  • Helium Gas etc.

U.S. Code: Title 10 – ARMED FORCES, deals with laws of the following areas:

  • General Military Law
  • Army
  • Navy and Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Reserve Components